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Aluminum Extrusions Offer Many Options in one Tidy Package

Many homes today are making the move to vinyl and aluminum extrusions and sidings. While they both offer low maintenance, low cost options for home exteriors, aluminum offers a little more durability than its vinyl counterpart. As an extrusion, aluminum has many benefits, my goal here is to shed some light on these benefits and help you make the best decision of whether or not aluminum extrusions are best for your specific needs.

First of all, aluminum is a great material to use in construction. Aluminum is a lightweight material that is both conductive and corrosion resistant. This alone is a great benefit but it doesn't stop there. Aluminum is known to reflect heat in addition to being an excellent conductor of heat. This means that aluminum extrusions are not only capable of working as conductors of heat but can also act in a manner that shields heat. Aluminum is also easy to machine and cost considerably less than other metals used for construction purposes. These things work together to create a product that is actually superior, despite being less known, at a much lower cost.

The process of machining is much more costly than manufacturing aluminum extrusions. Welding is another alternative that is equally cost prohibitive. Extrusions offer great quality at much lower costs. There are all kinds of alternatives to extrusions that offer equal quality but at much greater costs. The truth of the matter is that extrusions in many cases offer the most impact for your dollar comparatively.

Another great benefit of aluminum extrusions is the fact that they can be colored much more easily than other metals. This fact alone makes dieing extrusion metals desirable. Many extruders actually carry several dies in stock and do not even charge their customers the typical die service fees. While many metals can be extruded, aluminum is often chosen because of its unique combination of favorable extrusion properties.

With all the good things about aluminum as a favorite material for extrusion, perhaps the two most important in the eyes of most are the fact that aluminum can be machined at very high rates of speed for comparative materials and it is easily joined by methods such as welding, bolting, soldering, riveting, among many other methods. In other words this material can be made quickly and joined easily, which is a great combination when it comes to construction.

Extrusions are also not limited to the exteriors of the home. In fact, aluminum extrusions can be used almost anywhere the imagination will take you. Gone are the days when extrusions offered only functional design qualities. Today, they can be functional while also being decorative, or they can serve no functional purpose other than to be decorative. That's the beauty of the process really. The cost of this process is so much less than other available processes for shaping and bending metal in addition to a much more inexpensive manner of dieing that aluminum extrusions truly are function married to art.

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