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An Aluminum Fishing Boat is worth more than Mere Sentiment

In this day and age when everything is about more power, more features, more speed, it's great to know that something as simple as an aluminum fishing boat can be so timeless. It's true. With all the bigger, better, faster, more boats on the market, nothing quite replaces the love affair that fishermen everywhere have with these boats.

I am not sure whether it is the fact that for many, the aluminum fishing boat brings back childhood memories of time spent with fathers learning to fish and just bonding or it's the fact that these less flashy boats offer a taste of the good life, even to those who can't go out and spend upwards of 30,000 on a boat that will only be used a few weekends out of the year. The sentimental side of me would like to think that it's about the mental image of sharing important childhood memories with our progeny, but the practical side has to admit that with the current need for flashy toys in grown up boys, it quite probably has more to do with the latter.

Despite this, an aluminum fishing boat remains one of the most economic options for a fisherman or would be fisherman in today's market. Not only is the price much more digestible than the flashier boats on the market, but it is much cheaper to transport them from home to water. Gas is at a premium these days and if you plan to use your boat often, an aluminum fishing boat would require much less gas to operate than one of its speedier counterparts, it would also cost much less in gas to transport. The more weight you are carrying the more gas you will spend. Gas costs money so it would make sense that you want to haul less weight.

Another consideration is storage. It is much easier to store a small, aluminum fishing boat, than it is to store a hulking fiberglass fishing boat. Some people even (due to lack of location, proximity, or space at home) choose to have the larger fishing boats housed in marinas near their favorite fishing location. This is most definitely a costly endeavor.

One other really cool thing I'd like to mention about an aluminum fishing boat is that these boats tend to be able to get into spaces that other boats can't go. Many of these other 'fishing' boats simply aren't able to go into certain areas of shallow water where the fishing is good. They are much more maneuverable than their larger counterparts, which I consider a very good thing. .

There are pros and cons for every kind of boat on the market. The decision is ultimately yours. While I cling to the sentimental reasons for owning an aluminum fishing boat, I hold no delusions that others will share my feelings. Fishing is about fun and recreation, the boat you choose is just as important to your enjoyment as your bait and tackle. Have fun!

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